GHN 3L 235 *Original Owner Car*

Contributed by: L. Standifer
Years ago I went up to Portland to the agency that imported all of those first models. there was a fellow that had been there when they called them in to replace the engines. I remembered doing it and basically it was a short block replacement. Other than that he didn’t know why they did it. I couldn’t get him to document it for me, so that part is still a mystery.

I have attached a picture of the engine bay on my car an interior picture and a picture of the boot. Hope you can open all of these.
You will notice that I have a red top. When I restored the car I contacted the place in England that made those tops. they had one red one left so I bought it. Lucky. I don’t take it down very often as it is a pain to get back upll nice and tight.
 Give me a call if you have any more questions.
LarryMarc’s comments:
This car is unique in that the owner is the original purchaser of the car (October 1962 ) and very well may be the earliest “original” owner existing today.  I found the owner to be exceptionally knowledgeable and for those interested, he and his car will be at MG2013 in Oregon next month (July 2013).  Below are some pics as well as documentation you may also find invaluable.  Also included is a nice writeup for the 50Th Anniversary of the MGB…..Enjoy!









GHN 3L 374 (Updated 3/15/13)

Contributed by: M. Drummond
I first found my 62 MGB while browsing eBay for an early E-type to restore, as I had owned and restored 5 previous B’s and was looking to do something different.  But when this car popped up with such an early production date (car 374) and a price of around $2000, I couldn’t pass it up.

Since it was such an early car I decide to restore it to as near factory original that I could.  Based off the heritage certificate it went back to its original Old English White with a grey top.  The shell was shipped to John Twist at University motors and I originally planned to have it ready to show for the large MG meet when it was in Gatlinburg, but the transport arrived with the shell from John’s place 6 weeks before the show with the trunk coming loose in shipment, from the looks of it banging it to pieces all the way from Michigan to Louisiana.  So back to John it went.

Apart from a complete tear down and nut and bolt restoration, some interesting things sourced for the car were some early Lucas tar-top batteries and possibly the last OEM very early reflective center grille badge.  Brooks Amiot nicely allowed me to outbid him on eBay that night!

The tyres are the correct bias-ply wide white-wall as fitted from the factory per the certificate.

Early metal brake and clutch master cylinder caps were found and re-plated.

As there were no early generator to alternator clamp and bracket assemblies available when I restored this and the original had been removed from the car, I located an example and had Todd Clarke of Clarke Spares and Restorations use it as a master and machine a run of 20 sets.  Nine of which I still have for the asking.

The windshield frame was polished rather than anodized like the later cars.

The front grille is an original early example, with the individual slats riveted in.  It was disassembled, re-plated and restored as new, as were all window vent parts.

From the pictures you can see I tried to stay as factory as possible, deviating only to ‘bling’ it up a bit chrome plating the carb linkages, and not fully painting the generator and starter units, but doing them like the early Iris Blue car in Clausager’s book.

Despite all this work I’ve never managed to make any of the larger national MG shows and have only shown the car locally here in Hammond LA at a monthly parking lot hot-rod, all car’s welcome car night, a few times at the BMCNO show in New Orleans, and it took a Best in Show award at a Baton Rouge show a few years back made up of Ferraris, Astons, Lamborghinis, so it was nice to have a little inexpensive British car take that award amongst cars like those.

Since these pics were taken it has had some touch up work done as I do drive it, and it gets a few dings here and there.  Also the two kids in the before pic are a bit taller now at 6 and a half feet tall.  That’s a picture I need to take!

From Marc Feig:
Below are five pics however I have saved all 71 pics that Maury was kind enough to contribute to this webpage – Enjoy!












GHN 3L 808

Contributed by: Quentin P.
This car has been in my family since new. My second cousin, Eddy purchased the mgb new in 1962 at a dealership outside Baltimore Maryland where he lived.  A 1959 Chevy convertible was traded in to get the car.  After transmission problems in the late 1960s, the car was taken off the road. After a year of sitting in an apartment parking space collecting water, my uncle took ownership and placed it in his garage until 1995. In 1995, my father and I towed it from Baltimore to western Pennsylvania to my third cousins garage.  My uncle passed away abandoning the car. I had it given to me last year.   This was the car that got me started loving mg`s. I’ve wanted this car since the 1980s and now I own it.  The car is off white with red interior. The only options were a dealer installed radio and trunk rack. It has 41,000 miles and has not been on the road since the 60`s.  The body number is 000746.






















GHN 3L 951

Contributed by C. Perry
MGB #951 was purchased in November, 2010 after an eighteen year stay in Cincinnati, Ohio with the former owner, Charles. There were quite a few spares with the car including a new top (blue) that had never been installed. Charles obviously did not drive the car in bad weather.

As you know, the car was restored by Tim Trevithick and susequently sold to Charles in May of 1992. Charles preffered the iris blue exterior color with a blue interior and blue carpeting. He had seen a car with this combination and it stuck in his mind and became his favorite.

The Heritage Certificate shows the car as buit (7-13 September 1962) as having an iris blue exterior, blue hood, black interior with blue piping and black carpeting. The factory fitted equipment included disc wheels, heater, black tonneau cover, foldaway hood and ashtray. My plan was to restore the car to its original “as built” interior color. It seemed appropriate as the body, car/chassis, and engine numbers are all matching. I also added a set of bias ply two inch white sidewall tires which gives the car that early look.

The car has placed second and third in the Show of Dreams, a car show sponsored by British Cars of NH held in Wolfeboro, NH. In the 2012 show, the car was the featured marque as the theme was “Fifty Years of MGBs”. It’s not a trailor queen but I have had alot of fun driving and showing 951.

Chassis G-HN3-L/951
Engine 18G-U-H/2794
Body 913








GHN 3L 1651

Contributed by: B. Hunter
A couple notes about my car.  The VIN is GHN3L1651 making it the 1551st car off the line.  I’m not entirely sure how many cars are older – I’m guessing no more than a couple dozen are still out there.

Build Date was November 7 to 12, 1962.   Dispatch to the US in Late November, 1962 – destination unknown.  I know nothing about previous owners – I purchased the car off ebay in 2001.

Restoration was done from 2004 to 2009 by Bob Connell, Indianapolis, IN

Body number, engine number, VIN numbers all match original assembly.   Interior color and exterior color are the same as when built.  Top has not yet been replaced as I haven’t yet located a proper top (per original assembly).

Spin on oil filter and new master cylinder/clutch cylinder were installed during restoration.  Otherwise, every effort was made to retain the car as originally assembled.

Retains the following early car features:

  • chrome insert – instrument cowl
  • early boot rod support
  • early dash overdrive switch and correct bezel
  • early quarter lights
  • early MGB Type D overdrive
  • early MGB radiator surround
  • early engine hood prop bracket

Several items however were not carried forward during restoration.  This was primarily due to lack of existing parts.

  • Early master cylinders (brake and clutch) and matching  caps are very rare
  • Early seat belts
  • Early tonneau and top mountings
  • Shifter boot gaiter

Wide white walls were a carryover from the MGA and used on only the earliest of MGBs – so I am told.

004 Jun 14 2009

005 Jun 14 2009

006 Jun 14 2009

007 Jun 14 2009

014 Jun 14 2009

Early 62 B 2005

Early 62 B 2005-D


001-6 Oct 04 2007

GHN 3 3303 (Updated 2-22-13)

Contributed by: Kevin Sanders
Hi there,

I’ve just finished the restoration of my ’62 mgb. I’ve tried to keep it as original as possible, and thought you might like it  included on the website which, by the way was of great help to me during the restoration.  I bought NME 517 from a chap called Brian in Lincoln, UK who had bought it unseen and by ‘phone at an auction of builders’ salvage. It was a total wreck and very rusty but crucially, it was complete, with it’s original engine, gearbox, carbs, back axle and perhaps most unusual of all, glass. Brian bought the car for spares, not knowing it was a ’62, but once he realised it’s age he decided to restore the car. By his own admission, he cut a few corners – mainly on the bodywork where the panel gaps and welding were not really of a standard such a car deserved. I bought the car from Brian in June 2012 and immediately set about a total nut and bolt strip down and ground up restoration. The metal work and lead loading were done by a local company ‘Panelcraft’ who had done such a superb job on my Etype Jaguar the previous year. Apart from this, I’ve done most of the work myself including fitting a new interior (to original spec) and all the mechanical work. Since the photo’s were taken I’ve managed to find the last few parts that the car still needed including the Lockheed master cylinders and blue/green throttle cable. Also, researching the history of the car I’ve discovered that it was shipped to Australia with it’s owner in ’64 then back to the UK when he returned two years later.










GHN 3L 2138

Contributed by: I. Smith
Here is my MGB 1962 with Vin GHN3L2138.  I bought it in 1984 and I did not know that it was special in any way. We drove it for two years and then we were going to have our first child so the car was placed in the garage.  By 2009 our second child graduated from high school so I decided to fix the car.   After 2 years i got it back ( I did not do the work myself) and I could drive my daughter home from school. So for 23 years I had it in my garage and I was going to sell it many times but every time my wife said “no you will regret it”. I m lucky to have such  a wife.




GHN 3L 843

Contributed by: L. LaGardette
I do have a nice MGB. But I did not restore the car. I bought the car in 2000. My first MGB was one of 1968 with the Abington-pillow dash. I did’t like it so I was looking fot a car with the original dashboard. I found this car. The car is not very original. He was fenders of later type and wire wheels. It is an californian car with numberplate IMR 349. I have no history of the car.
We have a holidayfarm in the middle of France that’s about 850 km from our house in Holland.  If you want to see the farm look at . I drive the car to France every year and back. In France I have a lot of fun with the car. But the car gets older and older and I decided to restorate the car at the end of this year and I will made the car original as he left the factory in 1962.










GHN 3L 1357

Contributed by: M. Hallworth
It’s all as original as it could be, save where the rust worms damage needed to be repaired, but the engine, body, VIN and other components are as they were when it was built. I have changed the interior to black from the as built red, but I always found the way the red seats and black dash clashed a little confusing. It has an old British Motors radio in it and not the usual blanking plate, so I suspect that this was added mid 60’s once here as it is not listed as a build option – although the ashtray is… The paint is poor, as I did it, so it is a 10 footer, but I do hope to remedy this some day. I drive it every spring-autumn, not far, but driven; we live in Superior CO (near Boulder) so it does get a little asthmatic in the mountains, making long drives a long day – which is great on occasion.

Body: 1256
As Found:

006 as found

010 as found

020 as found

62mgb MH


Engine plate

MH62mgb engine

VIN plate


GHN 3L 688

Contributed by: A. Worms

It all started in 1980 when I bought the car at an auction from a towing company.
I was in the USAF at LasVegas,Nv when I decided to take up a hobby. I did not
have a garage on base housing so everything had to be cleaned up every time I
finished a project. The car was in excellent shape and only needed the lower rt
bottom of the front fender replaced;no other damage. The unibody was almost
rust free. The bumpers and uprights were rechromed , the grill was excellent and
so was all the original glass. I did install a new wiring harness,all new interior and
had the car repainted RD9/Tartan Red.
In 1985 I took it to a show at Moss MOtors at Goleta,CA and got First Place in my
class. In 1995 I took it to an AMGA show at Peachtree,GA and gao First Place again!
A couple of years ago I gave the car a cact lift and painted it myself. It turned out ok,
but not show quality.  There is a pic from the car in my car port in Nevada.
MG restor
Back Rt
Front Lt

Thank you for your Support!