GHN 3L 843

Contributed by: L. LaGardette
I do have a nice MGB. But I did not restore the car. I bought the car in 2000. My first MGB was one of 1968 with the Abington-pillow dash. I did’t like it so I was looking fot a car with the original dashboard. I found this car. The car is not very original. He was fenders of later type and wire wheels. It is an californian car with numberplate IMR 349. I have no history of the car.
We have a holidayfarm in the middle of France that’s about 850 km from our house in Holland.  If you want to see the farm look at . I drive the car to France every year and back. In France I have a lot of fun with the car. But the car gets older and older and I decided to restorate the car at the end of this year and I will made the car original as he left the factory in 1962.










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