GHN 3L 688

Contributed by: A. Worms

It all started in 1980 when I bought the car at an auction from a towing company.
I was in the USAF at LasVegas,Nv when I decided to take up a hobby. I did not
have a garage on base housing so everything had to be cleaned up every time I
finished a project. The car was in excellent shape and only needed the lower rt
bottom of the front fender replaced;no other damage. The unibody was almost
rust free. The bumpers and uprights were rechromed , the grill was excellent and
so was all the original glass. I did install a new wiring harness,all new interior and
had the car repainted RD9/Tartan Red.
In 1985 I took it to a show at Moss MOtors at Goleta,CA and got First Place in my
class. In 1995 I took it to an AMGA show at Peachtree,GA and gao First Place again!
A couple of years ago I gave the car a cact lift and painted it myself. It turned out ok,
but not show quality.  There is a pic from the car in my car port in Nevada.
MG restor
Back Rt
Front Lt

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