GHN 3L 1651

Contributed by: B. Hunter
A couple notes about my car.  The VIN is GHN3L1651 making it the 1551st car off the line.  I’m not entirely sure how many cars are older – I’m guessing no more than a couple dozen are still out there.

Build Date was November 7 to 12, 1962.   Dispatch to the US in Late November, 1962 – destination unknown.  I know nothing about previous owners – I purchased the car off ebay in 2001.

Restoration was done from 2004 to 2009 by Bob Connell, Indianapolis, IN

Body number, engine number, VIN numbers all match original assembly.   Interior color and exterior color are the same as when built.  Top has not yet been replaced as I haven’t yet located a proper top (per original assembly).

Spin on oil filter and new master cylinder/clutch cylinder were installed during restoration.  Otherwise, every effort was made to retain the car as originally assembled.

Retains the following early car features:

  • chrome insert – instrument cowl
  • early boot rod support
  • early dash overdrive switch and correct bezel
  • early quarter lights
  • early MGB Type D overdrive
  • early MGB radiator surround
  • early engine hood prop bracket

Several items however were not carried forward during restoration.  This was primarily due to lack of existing parts.

  • Early master cylinders (brake and clutch) and matching  caps are very rare
  • Early seat belts
  • Early tonneau and top mountings
  • Shifter boot gaiter

Wide white walls were a carryover from the MGA and used on only the earliest of MGBs – so I am told.

004 Jun 14 2009

005 Jun 14 2009

006 Jun 14 2009

007 Jun 14 2009

014 Jun 14 2009

Early 62 B 2005

Early 62 B 2005-D


001-6 Oct 04 2007

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