GHN 3L 1357

Contributed by: M. Hallworth
It’s all as original as it could be, save where the rust worms damage needed to be repaired, but the engine, body, VIN and other components are as they were when it was built. I have changed the interior to black from the as built red, but I always found the way the red seats and black dash clashed a little confusing. It has an old British Motors radio in it and not the usual blanking plate, so I suspect that this was added mid 60’s once here as it is not listed as a build option – although the ashtray is… The paint is poor, as I did it, so it is a 10 footer, but I do hope to remedy this some day. I drive it every spring-autumn, not far, but driven; we live in Superior CO (near Boulder) so it does get a little asthmatic in the mountains, making long drives a long day – which is great on occasion.

Body: 1256
As Found:

006 as found

010 as found

020 as found

62mgb MH


Engine plate

MH62mgb engine

VIN plate


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