GHN 3L 808

Contributed by: Quentin P.
This car has been in my family since new. My second cousin, Eddy purchased the mgb new in 1962 at a dealership outside Baltimore Maryland where he lived.  A 1959 Chevy convertible was traded in to get the car.  After transmission problems in the late 1960s, the car was taken off the road. After a year of sitting in an apartment parking space collecting water, my uncle took ownership and placed it in his garage until 1995. In 1995, my father and I towed it from Baltimore to western Pennsylvania to my third cousins garage.  My uncle passed away abandoning the car. I had it given to me last year.   This was the car that got me started loving mg`s. I’ve wanted this car since the 1980s and now I own it.  The car is off white with red interior. The only options were a dealer installed radio and trunk rack. It has 41,000 miles and has not been on the road since the 60`s.  The body number is 000746.






















GHN 3L 951

Contributed by C. Perry
MGB #951 was purchased in November, 2010 after an eighteen year stay in Cincinnati, Ohio with the former owner, Charles. There were quite a few spares with the car including a new top (blue) that had never been installed. Charles obviously did not drive the car in bad weather.

As you know, the car was restored by Tim Trevithick and susequently sold to Charles in May of 1992. Charles preffered the iris blue exterior color with a blue interior and blue carpeting. He had seen a car with this combination and it stuck in his mind and became his favorite.

The Heritage Certificate shows the car as buit (7-13 September 1962) as having an iris blue exterior, blue hood, black interior with blue piping and black carpeting. The factory fitted equipment included disc wheels, heater, black tonneau cover, foldaway hood and ashtray. My plan was to restore the car to its original “as built” interior color. It seemed appropriate as the body, car/chassis, and engine numbers are all matching. I also added a set of bias ply two inch white sidewall tires which gives the car that early look.

The car has placed second and third in the Show of Dreams, a car show sponsored by British Cars of NH held in Wolfeboro, NH. In the 2012 show, the car was the featured marque as the theme was “Fifty Years of MGBs”. It’s not a trailor queen but I have had alot of fun driving and showing 951.

Chassis G-HN3-L/951
Engine 18G-U-H/2794
Body 913








GHN 3L 1651

Contributed by: B. Hunter
A couple notes about my car.  The VIN is GHN3L1651 making it the 1551st car off the line.  I’m not entirely sure how many cars are older – I’m guessing no more than a couple dozen are still out there.

Build Date was November 7 to 12, 1962.   Dispatch to the US in Late November, 1962 – destination unknown.  I know nothing about previous owners – I purchased the car off ebay in 2001.

Restoration was done from 2004 to 2009 by Bob Connell, Indianapolis, IN

Body number, engine number, VIN numbers all match original assembly.   Interior color and exterior color are the same as when built.  Top has not yet been replaced as I haven’t yet located a proper top (per original assembly).

Spin on oil filter and new master cylinder/clutch cylinder were installed during restoration.  Otherwise, every effort was made to retain the car as originally assembled.

Retains the following early car features:

  • chrome insert – instrument cowl
  • early boot rod support
  • early dash overdrive switch and correct bezel
  • early quarter lights
  • early MGB Type D overdrive
  • early MGB radiator surround
  • early engine hood prop bracket

Several items however were not carried forward during restoration.  This was primarily due to lack of existing parts.

  • Early master cylinders (brake and clutch) and matching  caps are very rare
  • Early seat belts
  • Early tonneau and top mountings
  • Shifter boot gaiter

Wide white walls were a carryover from the MGA and used on only the earliest of MGBs – so I am told.

004 Jun 14 2009

005 Jun 14 2009

006 Jun 14 2009

007 Jun 14 2009

014 Jun 14 2009

Early 62 B 2005

Early 62 B 2005-D


001-6 Oct 04 2007